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UV films was created by 2 brothers wanting to create film experiences.

We started in 2013 with an idea of, hey let’s go film something. We had a camera and no plan at all. Our first short was created. After that, we had ideas that we wanted to develop into something more than just a 2 minute short. We wanted to create a story, something that fun and exciting. The web series Crosses was born.

Crosses turned into a 14-month project that our friends help us achieve. It was a great learning experience. Creating Crosses was an also very hard project to complete. We really didn’t know the process to create something and sure didn’t know the energy it would take. We wouldn’t trade any of that for anything.


In the middle of creating Crosses, we wanted to expand our creative juices. So we decided to bring our view of filmmaking into the wedding videography world. We knew we had a different style than most around in the Eastern Iowa and that our cinematic storytelling would fit great with everything that a wedding stood for. In 2014 we booked our first 3 weddings. Excitement and nerves ran through our bodies. If you want the hardest run and gun filming experience in the world, film weddings. Your mind races a million miles per hour, trying to get every shot you need and making sure you have a happy couple in the end. We thrive on this feeling and have to admit some of our best work come in our weddings.


has been an amazing year with booking 20 weddings, creating marketing videos for other small businesses and creating several shorts with some other amazing Eastern Iowa filmmakers. We love the variety that we are able to do with all the different styles of film we create. It keeps those creative juices flowing. We have some other great film project ideas that are always brewing. We have been very honored in the past year with how some of our films have been received in the film community in Iowa. These awards have been earned by everyone on the project.

  • Crosses, Episode 3 – Muscatine Independent Film Festival 2014 – Murder, Mayhem Award
  • The Torment of Walden Tarn – 5 Minute Film Festival – Best Lighting
  • Morgan & Kershaw – 48 Hour Film Project, Des Moines 2015 – Best of finals and Best Score

It might be hard to believe but Carl is the older of the 2 brothers.

A whole whopping 367 days older. With all that extra experience it has been always put to great use in growing a taste for craft beer and creating cocktails. In 2013 Carl was voted Iowa’s #1 Mixologist. Who would have ever guessed!

  • Favorite directors are: Harmony Korine and Darren Aronofsky
  • Favorite movies include: KIDS and Perfume – The Story of a Murderer

“Being the Chief Marketer of UV films is an exciting part of the company. Reaching out and introducing people to UV films is a great feeling and then seeing their eyes light up and their comments when they see their final product is like nothing else we describe.” – Carl Busch

Nick might be the middle child of 3 boys but that doesn’t stop him!


  • Hobbies: Photography and Showing his Kids classic Horror Movies
  • Favorite movie include: Fight Club
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones“Story telling is my passion. I love to be able to create something and make it some that touches you. Being behind the camera and then editing is where I love to make these stories come to life!” – Nick Busch

UV films

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