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UV films Wedding Videography & Photography Packages

Chances are, you’ve come across our site while clicking links for wedding videography. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us and considering us to film your day! So what sets us apart, you ask? Storytelling. We want to provide you with more than just a video of your ceremony, though one will be included in our offerings. We want to create a short movie that tells the story of your day. We don’t just want to film your wedding; we want to capture it with a cinematic experience! All of the joy, laughter, and love you experience on your wedding day will be visible for years to come with you as the lead role of your own romantic film. We offer a variety of different wedding videography packages to help tell your love story.

Below you will see some of the work we have done for previous couples. We can’t wait to add yours here! Please take a moment to fill out THIS FORM to contact UV Films for more information.

During our consultation, we will discuss our process and how we go about filming each wedding day. This is a new experience and we want to make sure you know exactly what will happen. We also want to hear your ideas. This is your film and we want it to preserve the love and joy you feel on your special day. We have a unique perspective on what will make your video special, and we firmly believe that your input is vital to creating a product that you will love forever.

If your wedding is within 150 miles of Dubuque, Iowa, we do not charge for travel. We do offer our services anywhere and love going to destination weddings. We love to talk to you about your wedding and location!

Wedding Photography & Videography Add-Ons

We want to make sure you have exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes it takes adding something a little extra.
We want to make sure you have exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes it takes adding something a little extra.
  • All Day Photography – $1000
    (includes digital rights to all photos delivered)
  • Live Streaming of Ceremony and Reception – $1000
    (live streaming to Facebook of ceremony and reception)
  • Live Streaming of Ceremony – $700
    (live streaming to Facebook)
  • Extended Wedding Film – $500
    (add 5 minutes to feature film)
  • Movie Poster – $300
    (printed 20 x 30)
  • Digital Download – $200
    (download of video files)
  • Instagram Video – $200
    (same weekend teaser video)
Here are some questions you should consider when looking for a wedding videographer. We know it is a big decision and should be well informed about your investment.

Why Choose a Videographer

A videographer is similar to a photographer. We provide saved memories of your wedding day. A photographer is able to capture moments thru out the day. A videographer is able to capture the emotion of the day. Videographers will take their footage and create a unique wedding film for you. Using music, speeches, and footage to provide something that reflects you and your wedding day.

How to Choose the Right Videographer

There are a lot of great wedding videographers in Iowa. We at UV films are personal friends with the owners of some of these companies. Each company has their own style and process of creating their films. There are so many variables that go into making a film that it is hard to say who is the best. When choosing a videographer for your wedding, you will determine who is the best to you. Looking at their work, asking questions, and getting to know the videographer’s personality and style will help you find YOUR best Iowa wedding videographer.

How Much Does a Videographer Cost

There are a lot of options to look for in a videographer.

  • How long is the final video?
  • How many long will they be at your wedding filming?
  • How many shooters to they use?
  • What is their style of filming?
  • Do they charge for travel?
  • Do they work well with photographers? (Or do they offer photography, as well?)

Professional videographers understand the importance of your wedding day. Calling and asking for a consultation is the easiest and most thorough way to make sure the videographer you choose is the perfect one for your wedding.

Who is the Best Iowa Wedding Videographer

Like with any vendor for a wedding there is a range of prices when it comes to their services. For a videographer that is also true. I have seen videographers from $1,000 to over $10,000. Here is Iowa we would not see much over $5,000. There are a lot of variables for these price differences: how many shooters, how long the final videos are, the skill set of the company, etc. The biggest cost would be the amount of hours your videographer spends on editing your films. The day of filming is anywhere from 8 to 14 hours. The editing process can be anywhere from 20 to 50 hours. This where the creativity process of the videographer is taking place. This is where your amazing video is put together.

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